Welcome to the whistleblower channel in the Danish Data Protection Agency

If you have obtained information on certain matters at your current or earlier workplace – or in a workplace where you have or have had similar work related activities – you can report the matter to the external whistleblower channel.

It is only certain types of matters you can report to the external whistleblower channel, including:

  • breaches of certain types of EU-law
  • serious breaches of the law and other serious offences
  • harassment and sexual harassment.

You cannot report information about matters that you have become aware of, for example, as a citizen in a municipality. If you are dissatisfied with the case handling done by a municipality or another authority, you must use the means of redress in that specific area.

Please contact the external whistleblower channel if you require further guidance on which matters you can report and if you are included in the group of persons that can report to the external whistleblower channel.

You can contact the external whistleblower channel by telephone, in writing or in person.

If you wish to make a written report, you can use the special reporting portal or the specific email address created for the external whistleblower channel.

You can find the reporting portal here once the channel is established (17 December 2021).

If you wish to report information in person, we ask that you contact us in advance — in writing or by telephone – so that we can agree on the circumstances of the meeting, including that it may be held in covert circumstances if you wish.

You can report anonymously. If you want to be anonymous, we advise that you use the reporting portal as it allows the external whistleblower staff to continue communicating with you even if you want to remain anonymous. You can find out more about the reporting portal via the link above.